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Getting Started


The first step is to be sure you are healthy enough to start exercising, consult your doctor before starting any exercise. Be sure you disclose that you will be starting slow with walking and then walk running.

Step two is to be sure you have support of your family. Families with small childrebeginning-runningn have a harder time with schedules unless their spouse is onboard with your training plan.

Step three is to have a goal. If you want to be able to climb the stairs or run with your children then that can be your goal. These goals are hard to define and easier to quit them. Pick a goal of a 5k run (3.1 miles) two months ahead, sign up and pay for it. There is a large group of people that want to get their money’s worth if they paid for it. Maybe you want a better quality of life; running is a cheap start to improving your health. Most of us train more constantly when we have a race to train for and some of us run because they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Step four is to find a training buddy; there is safety in numbers. ASRc always recommends that you never run alone for health and safety reasons. We noticed that runners are happier, run longer distances and have more running years when they can share their accomplishments and victories. Runners don’t miss a training run if their buddy is depending on them to be there.